Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Men Skin Care

Skin Care for Men

The skin care and men's cosmetics use is a market growing at a higher rate than females and today 80% of men acknowledged that do something to look better.

The methods range from care in the diet or physical activity to buy personal care products. The feel and look better, besides being considered healthy, is an important factor for the development work, the relationship with the partner and the relationship with the children, especially when they are teenagers.

Men Skin Care

It is important to know the skin of men because there are some differences with women, mainly to three physiological factors: the thickness, firmness and sebaceous secretion.

The characteristics of male skin makes hygiene habits are different from women's skin. This is because men's skin is 24% thicker than women's, so it is more resistant. Man also has firmer, but later ages, however, more abrupt. Furthermore, the amount of sebum is secreted much larger in man for hormonally. 

However, the skin of the cheeks and the throat, being subjected to shaving, is more susceptible to dehydration and drying.

Factors affecting male skin negatively are age, fatigue and stress, pollution, poor diet, health issues, no physical exercise, smoking and alcohol. They are the same that affect female skin but differently affect. The most frequent queries are male hair loss, beard folliculate (ingrown hairs), wrinkles, skin cleansing.

Cosmetic habits that men should follow to keep your skin maintained are:

  • A good facial cleansing product may help your face. 
  • Shave after a shower and clean your face with a product to prepare the face for shaving. 
  • Use an after shaving treatment that provides freshness and calm. 
  • Using facials like moisturizing, nourishing, anti-wrinkle, anti - aging, eye contour, specific for your skin. 
  • Use sun protection products from 10 am to 4 pm and reapply every 2 hours if possible. Make it according to your skin type and work. 
  • Showering with quality products and use deodorant after showering. 
  • If you have Dark circles & bags in your eye area, you can use products around the eyes to prevent dark circles and bags.

Beauty products for men are classified into facial, personal hygiene, shaving and sunscreen products. Some of the latest releases allow humans to stay healthy while improving its image.

Cosmetic treatments consist in performing deep sanitation sessions, cell recovery, and the use of masks or vitamin C enzymes that produce a recovery effect instantaneous. Also another very popular is the hair mesotherapy, laser hair and for those who have hair loss.

All these options have an extra benefit that provides a relaxing time that men need to cut the routine. But fundamentally new practices beauty in men are possible and even necessary because the stereotype of male beauty has changed and now there are more and more men considering, for example, shaved body makes them look attractive and modern and the skin give a great look.


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