Saturday, June 1, 2013

Men Infertility

Causes of Men Infertility

The most common causes of men infertility are associated with sperm generally problems with expected quality and sperm count. Problems related to sperm are:
Men Infertility

  • Low sperm count 
  • Sperm does not move fast enough, die before reaching the egg 
  • Sperm is not formed correctly 
  • Seminal fluid is very dense, sperm cannot move easily 
  • No sperm

Problems with sperm may be due to excessive or insufficient hormones that guide the production of sperm.

Another cause of men infertility is a problem with ejaculation. In some cases, the conduits within the male reproductive organs are blocked. So, the man may have difficulty ejaculating or not ejaculate when they have an orgasm or sex with his partner. Sometimes are the back of the prostate ejaculation into the bladder instead of being expelled from the body.

In some cases the reason for infertility unknown. This is called idiopathic or mysterious infertility. This is a very frustrating identification. But while you diagnose idiopathic men infertility, you still have to consider treatment options.


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