Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Basics Beauty Tips for Men

Men's Beauty Tips

If you haven’t you realized that women do not like scruffy men, I repeat, you're partner and do not keep certain basic rules of good presentation, then forget it. 

Now, most magazines and websites and health beauty tips focus on women and men are somewhat careless about it. Therefore, this article details four key principles of beauty that every man must arrange and monitor before leaving home.
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Tips for Beard
If you feel that the woman that likes the clean-shaven man is a myth. But careful: some they like the beard of a couple of days does not mean you prefer dirty or disheveled. Always wash your beard with soap and water and put some perfume. If you prefer to shave flush, always do it after a shower with hot water as this helps to soften the hair. This prevents the painful wounds that also give a bad look to your person.  
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Tips for Smile
Among the top of the list of things to look at the woman in a man is smiling. To achieve impeccable smile, you take good care of your teeth: brush your teeth at least three minutes after each meal and before going to bed and get up. Visit your dentist regularly.
Tips for Hair
Another myth: not all lords love short hair. Long or short, must be clean and neat. Sometimes it is not enough to just wash it with shampoo, it is necessary to massage the scalp, especially to prevent hair loss. Also you if you use cream rinse conditioner to keep hair from becoming greasy and heavy easily.
Tips for Skin
Although we Baguio followed, many of us think that something as easy as using a lot of water and good soap. Nothing is further from the truth: you must use an exfoliating gel every so often or spend at least a loofah to swim. This eliminates dead cells and leaves skin hydrated, soft and fresh. If you do it at least once a week, say goodbye to dry skin and rough areas that give you so bad.
If you leave the house to meet with a woman, never forget to review and follow the principles of this short list of four tips. You'll not only improve your love relationships but also the professional and social relationships.

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  1. You may improve your complexion by applying a paste of cucumber mixed with raw milk once in three days.