Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Men Skin Care

Skin Care for Men

The skin care and men's cosmetics use is a market growing at a higher rate than females and today 80% of men acknowledged that do something to look better.

The methods range from care in the diet or physical activity to buy personal care products. The feel and look better, besides being considered healthy, is an important factor for the development work, the relationship with the partner and the relationship with the children, especially when they are teenagers.

Men Skin Care

It is important to know the skin of men because there are some differences with women, mainly to three physiological factors: the thickness, firmness and sebaceous secretion.

The characteristics of male skin makes hygiene habits are different from women's skin. This is because men's skin is 24% thicker than women's, so it is more resistant. Man also has firmer, but later ages, however, more abrupt. Furthermore, the amount of sebum is secreted much larger in man for hormonally. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Men Infertility

Causes of Men Infertility

The most common causes of men infertility are associated with sperm generally problems with expected quality and sperm count. Problems related to sperm are:
Men Infertility

  • Low sperm count 
  • Sperm does not move fast enough, die before reaching the egg 
  • Sperm is not formed correctly 
  • Seminal fluid is very dense, sperm cannot move easily 
  • No sperm

Problems with sperm may be due to excessive or insufficient hormones that guide the production of sperm.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Men Hair Loss Treatment

Treatments for Men hair loss

Today we know that there are many causes that can cause hair loss in both men and women.

It is particularly important to know that it is normal to lose some hair every day, up to 30 hairs from within the normal; the problem appears when hair appears good or is too thin and fragile.

Men Hair Loss Treatment

The main reasons why this disease occurs are stress, thyroid problems, lack in the diet of essential nutrients, chemotherapy treatments, excess in the use of cosmetic products for hair, genetic factors, etc.

Currently around 90% of men aged over 21 years have inputs and approximately 50% of men over 40 suffer from alopecia in the crown area.
Due to the increase in cases of alopecia in our country, many pharmaceutical and cosmetic centers have built between their products and service a wide range of them directed exclusively to the treatment of this pathology.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Facials for Men

Facials makes you smart

For all it is able-bodied accepted that every day there are added men are chief to booty affliction that, and not alone in accoutrement but additionally like to booty affliction of your skin. And why are added and added are advancing to places of adorableness and aesthetics to be some affectionate of treatment.

But one affair we charge buck in perception is that the man's bark is absolutely altered to that of women, mainly by three physiological factors, thickness, compactness and sebum.

Mens health
Today there are abounding facial adorableness treatments advised alone for them, such as moisturizing analysis ideal for bark that men who are actual damaged by shaving.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sleeping Well Develops Muscles

Well Sleeping Develops Muscles

Daily or inter-day, annihilate yourself activity to the gym or accomplishing your contest at home or in the park. You anguish about appropriation weights good, do not you booty added time off than adumbrated and accomplish the best able contest for the breadth you are working. Also, do not eat too abundant fat, protein you eat and booty supplements. Enough? no. Guess what: none of this assignment if you do not body-bye properly. Understanding the accord amid exercise and body-bye well, which assume absolute but are awful connected?

mens health

Sleeping releases hormones

The way that best influences the dream on the after-effects of your conditioning is in the absolution of hormones. Your anatomy releases a hormone and its accomplished absorption during the 24 hours afterwards your conditioning is back you blow at night. Since advance hormone is carefully accompanying to the access in beef size, your ambition is to aerate this hormone as abundant as possible.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Basics Beauty Tips for Men

Men's Beauty Tips

If you haven’t you realized that women do not like scruffy men, I repeat, you're partner and do not keep certain basic rules of good presentation, then forget it. 

Now, most magazines and websites and health beauty tips focus on women and men are somewhat careless about it. Therefore, this article details four key principles of beauty that every man must arrange and monitor before leaving home.
Mens health

Narcissism is Especially bad for Men's Health

Narcissism and Men's Health

The aggrandized faculty of airs and narcissism can be baneful to relationships, but a new abstraction suggests that personality affection can additionally accident the bloom of men.

Men's health

Researchers from the Universities of Michigan and Virginia begin that men who accomplished aerial array in two annihilation egotistic ancestry (eg. faculty of alms to and the operation) had decidedly academy levels than others of cortisol, a accent hormone that can advance to aerial claret burden and affection problems. While men and women are appropriately narcissistic, the abstraction authors did not beam this acknowledgment in the changeable participants.